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In recent years there has been a disturbing trend in the paranormal field. It is a trend of disregard and disrespect for the very locations that we occupy as investigators. Far too often is garbage left in graveyards, spirits screamed at for “good video”, and downright disgraceful actions by some in our field.

The Ghastly Inc group of sites and Ghastly Travels has a strong belief in respect for the past as part of present-day paranormal investigation and research. If it were not for the pasts that created them we would have no ghosts to study to begin with.

We would like to introduce a new initiative of Ghastly Travels and our sister sites to help protect, preserve, and respect haunted locations.

We call this the Paranormal Preservation Society. In essence, it is just that. we are here to advocate, educate, and celebrate historic haunted locations across the United States.

Every 4 months we will be hosting an event that provides an opportunity for paranormal researchers to come together to help put these objectives into action by providing clean up services, repair services, and general love for haunted locations. These are not ghost hunts but rather a way to give back to the many locations across the United States that have given many of us so much.

We have no requirements for membership apart for a love and respect for the paranormal, and welcome all researchers and paranormal enthusiasts to join in the discussion as well as our events.

Join Us

You can learn more about the society and follow our events on our Facebook page, or you can join us as a member of our Facebook group and stay up to date on all of our goings-on.

As a growing organization, we are also accepting applications for board members, event coordinators in various location across the United States, and group moderators. You can find the application to join our team here. In the future, we would love to add responsible ghost research classes across the country as well as many other initiatives to help bring respect back into the world of paranormal research.

We all know about paranormal unity, but now is the time to actually add the paranormal locations and spirits themselves into it. Let’s show love to the spirits and the places that they call home as well.

Show Your Support

We encourage you to grab a copy of our badge to display on your site or Facebook page to show your support for our cause and to help advocate for the proper treatment of ghosts and haunted locations.

You can find a copy below.

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Would you like to donate to help support the Paranormal Preservation Society? All proceeds go to support our events and operations as we operate as a non-profit entity.

Using the convenient button below you can share the amount you are comfortable with donating.

We thank you so much for supporting the preservation and love of historical haunted locations.