The Haunting of Oakey Streak Methodist Episcopal Church

oakley streak methodist episcopal church

The History

The small community of Oakey Streak is located in Red Level, Alabama in Southeastern Butler county. Red Level has a population of around 500, and the small community of Oakey Streak is just a small fraction of that. When traveling through the area it could easily be missed. ( thank goodness for google maps!)

Originally, the small community was named Middletown as it was midway between Greenville and Montezuma. However, it was later renamed Oakey Streak after the large groves ( also known as streaks) of oak trees in the area.

oakley streak methodist episcopal church

The small white gothic revival style baptist church located in Oakey Streak once served as both a religious and community center. Along with a Masonic temple that was demolished in the 1940’s, the church was a place for the community to gather and celebrate through cemetery decorating, eating, and more.

The building currently standing was built in the 1880’s. The bell tower was added later in 1903. Prior to that, a small log cabin stood on the 10 acres that were deeded to the church trustees in 1851. The congregation itself was organized in 1831.

oakley streak methodist episcopal church

On the east side of the church is a small cemetery that occupies 3 of the 10 acres deeded to the congregation. The earliest graves date back to 1860’s and include Confederate soldiers.

In all, there are around 400 graves located in the cemetery. Close to 100 of those are unmarked graves believed to be slaves and early settlers.

The other graves are marked with a variety of methods including natural stones, brick, and iron among other materials.

oakley streak methodist episcopal church

The Haunting

According to legend, there are a wide variety of hauntings from a poltergeist, a banshee, and even an outhouse ghost. Many of the reported activity seems directly pulled from common urban legends while others are unique to the location itself.

Hell hounds

Reportedly the cemetery has a pack of hell-hound stalking the grounds whose glowing red eyes can be seen at night. Many have stated that they have seen the eyes of the beasts while visiting the cemetery after dark.

Ghost Rider

According to legends told of the location a black 1964 pickup truck can be seen when driving past the cemetery or church. Most commonly, the truck is seen when driving down the small access road that runs between the church and cemetery.

Claims state that the truck will run those who find themselves in its path off the road to a fatal crash.

oakley streak methodist episcopal church

Confederate Soldiers

Perhaps due to the Confederate burials there, claims have been made that the footsteps of marching Confederate soldiers can be heard on the cemetery grounds.


Inside the church itself, a poltergeist reportedly torments any who venture beyond its doors.

Ghost Children

A pair of ghost children is reported to haunt the grounds of the church. A ghostly boy has been seen by many rolling a ball through the cemetery. Out on the small access road, a ghostly little girl can be seen skipping happily.


There are claims that the church itself was abandoned around the beginning of the 1900’s due to a banshee whose wail can still be heard by those who visit the location.

Haunted Outhouse

The small white outhouse behind the church is believed to have its own ghost who will trap any who venture inside. However, the door can easily be opened from the outside.

oakley streak methodist episcopal church


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