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While nearly everyone knows about Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, not as many know of Japan’s version of the beast known as Issie, or Issie-Kun.

Issie can be found in Lake Ikeda on the island of Kyushu. Measuring only 233 meters in depth Lake Ikeda is an interesting lake because it is found in the caldera of an extinct volcano. It has no connection to the ocean, but rather depends on rain and other means for its supply of water.

issie, japanese lake monster

The Monster

Issie is said to be nearly 30 meters long, dark in color, and saurian in form. Numerous reports and pictures have suggested multiple humps on the creature that reportedly measure up to 16 feet in length.

Saurian – a large lizard like form ( generally refers to dinosaurs and other large lizards)

According to legend, the origin of the creature is one of motherhood and despair.

As the mythology goes, Issie was once a white mare who had a single foal. When the foal was kidnapped by a samurai the mare jumped into the lake out of sadness because she was unable to find her baby.

Due to her torment, she turned into the creature that she is today. When she is spotted it is believed that she is surfacing to look for her lost foal.



The first reported sighting of Issie-Kun was by a group of 20 at a family gathering. Many reported seeing large humps raise several feet into the air out of the water. One individual was so taken by witnessing the event that he attempted to chase the mystery creature in a boat.

Later that year a sighting was made by a man by the name of Mr. Matsubara captured a photograph of what many believe are two large humps of the beast.

A video appeared in 1991 that reportedly showed a creature nearly 30 feet in length swimming through the lake.

It is important to note that Lake Ikeda is also home to some of the largest giant eels in the world. These creatures are known to surface on the top of the water from time to time just like any other fish.

Some believe that the sightings could be nothing more than one or more of the giant eels surfacing.

However, the town surrounding the lake has made a folk hero out of the beast and created a large tourism industry surrounding it.


video via Japan Kagoshima Guide showing Lake Ikeda Issie statue.

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