Two Women Believe They Have Captured a Ghostly Image at Tyron Palace

Two women believe that they have captured what appears to be a ghostly image while visiting Tyron Palace in Bern. Danielle Hyde, 21, and Savanna Brown, 22, captured the image on a phone while touring the palace.

The two state that they were not aware that they had captured anything until the image was uploaded to social media. Hyde states that she had taken the snapchat video following a text from Brown about something odd in the hallway.

Hyde and Brown believe that the ghostly appearance may be that of a former slave of the palace. It is believed that a young servant died in a fire at the palace in 1798. The fire is said to have started in the cellar and taken much of the house. Hyde and Brown stated that while touring the cellar they noted that it was especially cold although there were no open windows or other ventilation in the room.

Are Phone Cameras Trustworthy?

One important fact to look at is the use of a phone camera to take this image. Not only are there multiple apps that can be used to insert a ghost into an image, but phone cameras are notorious for malfunctioning.

One redeeming factor here is that the video was taken with Snapchat. This would mean that a different app, such as a ghostly figure inserting app was not used to create the image. Of course, the apparition could have been added after the fact.

The initial report does not state the type of phone used. This is problematic because iPhones have many issues with crmalfunction images”. More often, they are oblong blobs or streaks.

Can You Debunk This Image?

I would love to hear your theories on this image! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Is this a genuine capture or just another hoax?

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