Woman in Idaho Claims She Was Watching a Bigfoot Before Crashing on US-95

A 50-year-old woman from Tensed, Idaho states that has made a Sasquatch sighting. She reported witnessing the beast chase a deer through the woods along I-95 near Potlach around 11:00 pm on March 22nd.

After looking in her rearview mirror for a second look at what she described as a 7 to 8-foot tall “hairy” bipedal creature she found the deer in front of her and crashed into it.

The Latah County Sheriff’s office reports the woman only suffered minor neck injuries and continued to drive the vehicle. She picked her husband up from work before going to report the incident to the Sheriff.

Idaho sasquatch sighting
Mile Marker 367 on US – 95 in Portlach, Idaho.

A Look at Resources

I am not, by any means, a “squatcher”. I find them quite an interesting possibility but just haven’t done any real research on their believed habitats or mannerisms, etc.

That said, let’s take a look at the chances of there being a sasquatch in Potlach, Idaho. (In my, non-squatcher opinion. lol)

Mccroskey State Park 

The area of US-95 that the woman was traveling on was not far from McCroskey State Park. This park was founded in 1955 and named by Virgil T. McCroskey for his mother, Mary. It covers 5,300 acres and it’s

It covers 5,300 acres and it’s highest elevation is 4,324 ft as part of a transitional area into the Rocky Mountains. The area has a combination of Ponderosa pine and vast prarie land. It is Idaho’s second largest state park.

Past Sightings in the Area

When it comes to Latah county alone there have been three reported sightings listed on BFRO, or Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, which lists reports of Sasquatch sightings from across the United States and Canada. All three of these have been Class A sightings. ( An explanation of the report classing system used can be found here )

In all of Idaho, BFRO shows 70 reports of various classifications. A quick look through the archives shows a high prevalence of class A sightings, though.


In 2012, a video appeared out of Pocatello, Idaho. It showed a large figure rushing into the woods away from a group of high school students who were filming.

The students made their way up to the ridge the figure occupied and captured an image of a footprint  a researcher later examined. He stated that on preliminary evidence he believes it to be genuine.

Pocatello is in Southeast Idaho, however, which is around 9 hours away from Potlach.

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization  A bigfoot research society for the area has a wide selection of media the have collected during their time searching for evidence of the creatures.

So did the woman in Potlach witness a sasquatch before crashing into a deer? I can’t say I would really rule it out too quickly knowing the area. I can’t say I would be able to say either way though without proper reseachers out there that night to look for the right kind of evidence.


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